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Mama'z Muezz Project

conceived by Monique Franklin

Love, Self-discovery, Purpose, Healing, Liberation, Power, Self-actualization, Love.

Mama’z Muezz is a meditation, a gestation, a study, a record, a storied architecture, an acknowledgement, a maternal melody, a labor, a communal dance in a circle of souls, an intergenerational and ancestral healing, a momentary feeling played into infinity, a birth, a poetic opus, a transcendance, a spiritual attunement, it is a universal acceptance of the cosmic me and the celestial we, a reincarnation, it is the reverberation of black women’s wisdom, it is a reoccupation of self, an assertion of power, an expression of one’s purpose, a mechanism for self-love and evolution. My intent in sharing my “muezzes & muezzings” with community is that like me they will be transformed, that they will feel seen and see themselves in these scenes, and be touched and moved in positive ways by the collective and unique experiences of Black Women who are mothers.  The Mama’z Muezz Embodiments encompass Mama’z Muezz the one woman play, Mama’z Muezz Score soundtrack from the play, Mama’z Muezz Poetry Book,  Mama’z Muezzic Album, and the Mama’z Muezzeum. 

- Monique Franklin ( Verbal Oasis)

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