B i o g r a p h y

Monique Franklin (Verbal Oasis), is an activist, poet, performer, scientist, and mother from Rainier Valley, Seattle. She has been referred to as “The unofficial poet laureate of South Seattle,” “The Billie Holiday of Spoken Word,” as well as “the Verbal Manifestation of Nina Simone’s Soul” and "and “High Priestess of prose, poetry and the art of story telling". Monique is a 10+ year member of African American Writer’s Alliance and has self-published two volumes of poetry entitled Acoustic Accolades and Erotic Annals of a Poet. She has released three spoken word albums Acoustic Accolades Volume 1, Hot Summer Nights  and Mama'z Muezz  all are available on soundcloud. She currently co-host and co-produces Afrodisiac Erotic Poetry Show celebrating the diversity and sexuality of people of color. Her poetry gives voice to social issues, human relationships, tributes to her many influences, and self-discovery. As a performer you can find her poetry commingling with musicians, vocalist and dancers.  The subject matter of her poetry stems from the rich spectrum of her life experiences. This woman is a creative soul.

For more information  and or booking email: poet.verbaloasis@gmail.com 


Photo by Michael B. Maine