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Afrodisiac Erotic Poetry Show was started in June 2010 by three black business women, Kristi Brown (Former Co-producer), and current Co-producers  Monique Franklin and Nichelle Alderson, who are both active artists, single mothers, & activists in the community. We strive to bring forth healing & liberation for communities of color through innovative adult entertainment featuring POC & QTPOC artists, that fosters authentic community building while promoting a network or POC/QTPOC owned businesses. Our mission is shared with our audience at the start every show: We designed Afrodisiac to be a safe space for every gender, race and sexual identity.  Afrodisiac is a place to celebrate the diverse sexualities of people of color. We are committed to exposing our audience to a variety of artistic erotic presentations, challenging classic views of sexuality towards tolerance at the very minimum and celebration at its most supreme!!!


Our shows features an open mic and a curated feature set. The Afrodisiac Crew is comprised of our core team and over 120+ featured POC/QTPOC artists that have featured at our shows. Some artists we have featured at our shows over the years have been Storme Webber, Laura “Piece” Kelley-Jahn, Marita Isabel, Amber Flame, Roberto Escalon, Okanomode, Imani Sims, Brandy “The Wild Woman” Sebron, Owuor Arunga, Evan Flory-Barnes, Carlos Overall, Ben Hunter, Ayron Jones, Thaddeus Turner, Darrius Willrich, Thione Diop, Reyschard, Felicia Loud, Elnah Jordan, Tiffany Wilson, Eva Walker, Boom Boom L’roux (The Late Night Revue), Namii (Earth Pearl Collective), and Briq House (Shuga Shack).


Since 2010 Afrodisiac has produced over 48 erotic shows at 17 Venues located in Seattle, Kent, Tacoma, New Orleans and in Mexico on board Carnival Cruise Lines. 8 of these venues are POC/ QTPOC owned. Our shows have been sponsored by 30+ POC/QTPOC owned businesses. We have featured and supported 120+ POC Artists and provided

performance opportunities for 450+ open mic artists who are poets, vocalist, musicians, dancers, painters, models, and burlesque performers.  


Over the years, our shows have expanded to producing double shows and out of state performances.  In February 2016, we produced a double show and after party at the Parlor, bringing in over 500 attendees. In March 2016, we produced and promoted our first out of state show, arriving in New Orleans a week prior to garner the support of local businesses, artists and over 100+ attendees.  In 2017, we partnered with Third Level Events to produce “The Wet Cruise”, a 4-day cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta with over 110 attendees. We participated in the curation of 7-days of events for our attendees including brunches, happy hours, erotic poetry, comedy shows, tournaments, and more.

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